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Rekton – your competent partner for ideal room acoustics

Room acoustics plays an important role just as much in more everyday rooms, such as in school, offices, restaurants or at home, as they do in large concert halls. Good room acoustics makes it easier to concentrate and has a significant impact on your general well-being.

We make sure the sound is just right

Since Rekton’s founding in 1957, we have made it our mission to perfect the acoustics in our clients’ facilities. We improve a room’s acoustic property considerably, using our customized acoustics boards made from wood, with appropriate perforations and an optimal sound absorption coefficient. It looks good too, thanks to our large selection of variations and colours. A spatial experience with all your senses – with Rekton Acoustics!

Current projects

Johann-Rist Gymnasium, Wedel

Johann-Rist Gymnasium, Wedel

New construction of the Gymnasium with the installation of an acoustically effective partition wall, acoustically effective wall and ceiling covering in the stage area.

Day care center Villa Sunshine, Durmersheim

Day care center Villa Sunshine, Durmersheim

Installation of an acoustically effective room partition in attractive child-friendly colors.

Adalbert-Stifter Schule, Forchheim

Adalbert-Stifter Schule, Forchheim

Acoustic wall cladding with our Allegro elements in the hallway.



Our premium element is ideal for covering walls and ceilings. Through its excellent acoustic properties Allegro is the perfect solution for the construction of new buildings and renovation of old buil-dings.

Acoustic paneling

Acoustic paneling Light and Light Black is our lightweight. Its attractive price means that it finds use in schools, nursery schools and halls. Its good sound absorbing properties and the quick and easy installation makes it highly desirable.

Perforated boards

Rekton perforated panels are cladding elements for ceiling, floating ceiling panels, as an attractive trim on furniture or creative design elements for exhibitions. They are extremely flexible to use and offer design freedom in pattern, color and perforation type.



With over 40 different perforation patterns we offer our customers a lot of leeway to give rooms a very special and personal touch. We make special perforation patterns possible.

More informations about Orbit, Linear, Quadra

Colors and Materials

Native wood with fine grain patterns make each panel element unique. Genuine wood veneer, HPL and CPL in perfect processing extend the immense choice.

More colors and materials


You want to sign up your own acoustic panel? Have a choice of a wide range of melamine surface colours, wood veneered surfaces, paint surfaces, perforations and acoustic fleece.

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