„First you must think quality and then you can create it.“

Henry Ford

Innovative acoustic solutions – our 60-year-long tradition

Rekton Acoustics is a world leader in the production of wooden sound absorption elements and for decades has represented quality and versatility. We are able to meet these high quality demands because, despite both our national and international success, we never grow complacent and continually strive to develop our range even further. Our high-quality products are tailor-made to meet the customer’s needs, and are all manufactured in our production facility in Germany. In order to optimize sound absorption and improve a room’s acoustic property, we offer wall and ceiling panelling as well as partition walls, door units and ceiling canvases, all in line with current trends both optically and acoustically. These are available with over 40 different perforations and are equipped with mineral wool in the production phase so that it need not be bought separately.

Cooperation with Room acoustics experts to ensure optimal sound absorption

As a matter of principle, we are very keen to build on and carve out long-term partnerships with architects, construction engineers, acousticians, planners and other carpentry workshops. By working closely with acoustics experts, we keep up-to-date on the latest developments and tricks in room acoustics and can provide solutions with optimal sound absorption to even our most demanding customers. Our innovative acoustic elements are installed in concert halls, restaurants, conference centres, as well as in private sound studies, inter alia. 

For sustainable forest management: we’re FSC-certified

In order to ensure that we can continue to provide master solutions using wood, for years to come, we take forest protection extremely seriously. Wood is a very robust and durable material that has inspired humans to build magnificent structures for centuries. Forests also store CO2, slowing down climate change in doing so. For these reasons, we are FSC-certified and are dedicated to sustainable forest management. 

Our company in brief:

  • Founded in 1957
  • CEO: Rainer Kraus
  • Company headquarters: Rheinstetten bei Karlsruhe
  • Products produced in: Germany
  • Other partners worldwide: in the US, the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and The Netherlands, inter alia


The establishment and expansion of long-term partnerships with architects, civil engineers, planners and carpenters is very important to us.

Therefore we would like to give you a selection of links.

Job vacancies

Rekton Acoustics has been producing innovative wooden room acoustics products for years. Our solutions are only as good as our team. We are therefore always on the look-out for motivated employees who are open to new ideas and would like to work in an attractive, forward-looking and diverse field.

Interested? Then get in touch!

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Please contact us fon: +49 (0) 7242 7018-10

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