Room acoustics

Room acoustics versus architectural acoustics

In architectural acoustics, the effect of a sound is calculated based on the relationship between two rooms. Sounds from outside are also taken into account in calculations, so that traffic noise or the sounds of children playing, for instance, have as little effect on the indoor acoustics as possible.

Room acoustics is different: here you look at how sounds interact within a single room. The most important variables to consider are reverberation time and sound absorption. To put it simply, reverberation time is the time it takes until a sound can no longer be heard. The longer a sound resonates, the greater disturbance is caused to those in the room. The reverberation time is dependent on the volume of the room and the objects and surfaces in it. 

For optimal sound absorption: acoustic elements made of wood

Concrete, glass and metal, which are often used in modern construction work, have a particularly negative effect on a room’s acoustic properties. 

With acoustic elements made of wood, however, sound absorption is improved and the reverberation time is decreased. In addition, the room is much kinder on the eye. Alongside acoustic panels and boards, we also offer perforated plates and partition walls.

A variety of applications

  • Wall or ceiling linings
  • Partition walls
  • Door units
  • Ceiling canvases

We have the right solution to any acoustic problem. We work on these in cooperation with architects, construction engineers, planners, acousticians and other joiners, with whom we maintain long-term relationships. Whether a concert hall, a conference centre, restaurant, school or office – our acoustic elements make any room a space of enjoyment, concentration and efficient work and offers so much more in terms of quality of life and work. 

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The perfect cladding solution for any room

Congress- and Communication Center

Communication is everything. Without optimal room acoustics, everything is nothing. Communication only works if the communicant is heard. Especially the acoustics in large rooms are a big challenge, but it can be mastered per-fectly with enough experience and a broad product portfolio.

Theater, concert hall

For music that arrives and voices that have something to say high-level acou-stics are indispensable. Rekton not only provides its more than 50 years of experience. Rekton also offers innovation and creation. Our aim for you: standing ovations!

Recording studio

The tone makes the music. Noise outside, silence inside plus excellent acou-stics. Rekton complies to the high requirements of recording studios with indivi-dual cladding solutions.


Employees should understand their own word and the words of their custo-mers. The noise level in an office should be reduced to an optimal value. This increases employee motivation, promotes a healthy work environment and cooperation.

Hotel, restaurant, café

Whether intimate candlelight dinner or successful business meetings, enjoy being undisturbed and unheard. The room acoustics should be unobtrusive. The guests appreciate to talk undisturbed and be unheard by neighboring tables, and enjoy the time with all their senses.

Private sector

Times be able to back out in peace or to follow your pleasure without family members being disturbed. That's quality of life that Rekton creates.

Schools, day care centers

Noise caused by poorly designed and built buildings and rooms in schools or day care is not good for little ears. The concentration and learning ability of children is adversely affected; noise can lead to permanent health effects.

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