Rekton acoustic panels will always find the right tone. We offer the full range of RAL and NCS colors and there are almost no limits regarding designs. Because you can choose from countless surfaces. Domestic woods with rich veins make each panel element unique. Real wood veneers, HPL and CPL in perfect workmanship expand the immense selection.

Wood Veneer

Veneer is a thin layer of wood which is separated from the log by cutting, cutting or peeling and then glued to a carrier material.

We supply and process veneer all available wood types and finline from our supplier:

HPL, CPL Surface

A laminate consists of several paper layers impregnated in phenolic resin or melamine resin, which are joined together under high pressure. Most of the time, the top paper layer is provided with a motif (from wood to metallic to marble).

Melamine surfaces (RAL/NCS)

The medium density fiberboard or medium density fibreboard, short MDF board, is a wood material or a fiber board which is directly coated.

With us you will find almost every color. We offer the entire range of RAL and NCS colors.

We supply and process laminates (HPL/CPL) from all well-known manufacturer:

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